What to Plant With Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow and are happy in the ground, in a pot, a hanging basket or even in crates. And once you taste a strawberry from your garden, you will never want to eat a shop bought one again!

An important part of organic gardening is companion planting, and these are some of the best companions to grow with your strawberries to give you a bumper crop.

Companion planting Barefoot HerbsThe definition of companion planting is ‘ the practice of growing different plants together for mutual benefit’.  This can be to attract beneficial insects that will control the ‘bad’ guys like aphids, repelling insects that will eat your plants, or even improving the scent and flavour.  Although it isn’t essential to practice companion planting, why not give your garden the best chance possible and use what nature provides?


chives in gardenAlliums

Plant any of the alliums close to strawberries to deter slugs and snails.  Chives, onions, shallots, spring onions are all great additions to the vegetable garden.


growing strawberries and aspagagusAsparagus

A classic combination.  They both have the same requirements and fruit at the same time.  Strawberries have shallow roots and asparagus has very deep roots so they do not compete with each other.


borage and strawberriesBorage

This beautiful herb is a traditional partner for strawberries and is reputed to improve the flavour of the fruit. It  also attracts predator insects.  Use the flowers in teas and cold drinks, and the leaves can be cooked like spinach


grow beans with strawberriesBeans

Beans are a must in any vegetable garden as they improve the nitrogen content of soil.



dill and strawberriesDill

The pretty umbel flowers attract many predator insects and pollinator.  Caraway is another herb with umbel flowers which does the same.


lettuce and strawberriesLettuce & Spinach

Insects are not the only pests who want your strawberry crop.  Birds probably do more damage than slugs and snails.  Lettuce and spinach require similar growing conditions and provides camouflage for the berries.


Sage Barefoot HerbsSage

This hardy herb repels aphids with its strong scent, and improves the flavour of the fruit



Poor companions

While poor companion plants do not necessarily kill each other, they can negatively affect the growth of each other.


Brassicas and strawberries have different water and growing requirements, and they both attract slugs and snails.  Grow them in separate areas of the garden.  Brassicas include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi and Brussel sprouts



To find out more about companion planting, download the Barefoot Quick Guide here

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