Tinker Hates Change

I don’t think there are many people who like change.  Well, not too many animals for sure.  However, most of us adapt and get on with life……just look at me, I have had several new lives and I’m purrfectly purrfect.  Tinker, on the other hand, is a mess.

Let me tell you what’s happened.  You remember Miley?  She and Tinker were together since they were just a few weeks old.  Well, Miley got sick and was rushed off to the vet and they discovered she had cancer.  Poor thing – she in was in a very late stage, and in less than two weeks she was gone.  Everyone was obviously heart-broken but Tinker went into a spin.  She spent her days searching for Miley and even stopped eating for a while.

About a month later Alex moved into his own house and took the Fruit Loop with him.  For me it was a great improvement – not Alex leaving of course – but life was certainly more peaceful without the Fruit Loop.  Tinker, on the other hand, became convinced that everyone else would leave her too. Even up to today she believes if Sharon leaves the house, even to go to the post-box, she may not return.  The crying, howling and whole performance is ridiculous, but stops the minute the car leaves.  And then, when she comes back, we have the same racket, but upped up a notch, so the whole street knows Sharon has returned.

I most certainly do not think this behaviour is very becoming, but there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it.  However, I did take things into my own paws when Tinker decided Sharon might not wake up from her beauty sleep.  Bedtime is important. During the day I can always find another spot for my nap, but at night we sleep in Sharon’s room, and there was the very serious chance that the door may be closed on both of us.

Actually, the solution was fairly simple, I sat on top of her. Of course, she objected, but a little claw enforcement was all it took to shut her up.  In fact, it was so effective, I have continued the practice and our nights are peaceful.  The mornings are still a bit crazy as Tinker is always ecstatic to discover Sharon made it through the night.  We can cope with mornings though.  Sharon gets up and makes tea, and I get my first breakfast.

This week was a doggy story about a dog I love…next week we get onto another, less lovely, creature.

Until then, keep purring






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