The Dogs

Fortunately, I am the only cat in this house and, unfortunately, there are five dogs.  Yes, you read right – five!  Two of them only moved in this month and belong to Sharon’s daughter. Actually,  I don’t believe they are dogs.  Together they weigh less than a tin of cat food.  Tea-cup Yorkies apparently. The only indication of them possibly being canine is the yapping.

Persecuting them is my new favourite pastime.  Cat bowls are strictly off-limits for dogs but, if I leave a little bit of food behind, the temptation is just too much.  Like two little mice they dash towards the dishes, only to be yelled at by one of the humans.  I love it!

Tinker and Miley are the two old ladies and, as I have mentioned in previous columns, we have The Fruit Loop, Lola.

Tinker is my personal favourite, although I do wonder about her mind.  She is nearly 70 in dog years, grey around the snout and a little chubby around the middle, but she puts a ‘young and peppy’ act when people are around.  I have pointed out that calmer, quieter behaviour would keep her under the radar and she could escape the daily drag around the block with Sharon.  Instead she bounces up and down, wriggling and whining and pretends this is the best time of her day. Ridiculous.

She has memory problems too.  If anyone comes through the gate she performs as if she hasn’t seen them for weeks.  Yapping, whining, barking, squealing and running in circles.  It even happens when Sharon walks to the post-box.  Thirty seconds and she missed her?

Sharon gave us identical beds in her bedroom which are comfortable enough.  However, I prefer to sleep on top of Tinker, and this is generally what I do.  I say generally, as she has this awful habit of sucking her blanket.  Yes, really.  Like a 70-year-old sucking her dummy.  Weird behaviour is her prerogative, but the noise keeps me awake.  Thank heavens Sharon agrees with me and a muttered ‘Tinker’ from the depths of the blankets shuts her up.


Miley and I get along well enough.  We agree that sleeping and eating are priorities and she is a good partner for an afternoon snooze in the sun.

And that leaves Lola – The Fruit Loop. If you go to some of my earlier writings  you will have a good idea of how bratty she is. Unbelievably, she did something useful yesterday. The sudden praise has gone to her head, but that story can wait until next week.

Have a Pawsome week

Sid The Barefoot Cat
Sid The Barefoot Cat

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