The D Word

The D WordSharon has always been very supportive of my weight.  When she rescued me I was a bag of bones weighing less than 2kg. Later on, when the vet suggested that 6kg was getting a little heavy, she explained that I had experienced near starvation and deserved to make up for it now.  However, she did agree that if I ever reached 10kg she would do something about it.  Apparently she thought I couldn’t achieve that milestone.

I didn’t actually take it as a challenge – the number just crept up on me.  I have blamed Covid as it seems to be the number one excuse for anything nowadays. Sharon seems to think it is lack of exercise.  Alex moved into his own house a while ago and took the Fruit Loop, Lola, with him. It has been absolute heaven.  I sleep with no threat of being pounced on, I doze in the sun with both eyes closed, my food bowl is never under siege and I can stroll around the garden in peace. There is no reason to run, jump, play or chase anyone so why on earth should I?

In all honesty the extra weight makes it impossible for me to jump over the kitchen stable door but, as there is always a window open somewhere, it is only a minor inconvenience.  Tinker has muttered a bit during winter.  Sleeping on top of her is the best way to keep warm and she has wriggled around underneath me because I am too heavy.  On a few occasions I had to use some claw enforcement (hahaha) to keep her still, but she was fairly easy to train.

So now I am on a diet.  A new food that is made from cardboard, so naturally has no calories, less meals (thank heavens – how much of this stuff does she really think I am going to eat?) and every effort is being made to make me exercise. The big question is how to get a cat to move!  Today I am timing how long they can drag a piece of string around in the hope that I will chase it.  Stubborn as a mule is nothing – wait until they see this cat in (no) action

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Sid The Barefoot Cat
Sid The Barefoot Cat



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