Books and Wine – Inseparable Apparently

You won’t find newspapers at Barefoot Kitchen.  Instead we have a book-shelf, with a sign “Books to read with coffee.  Far happier than the News”

And all thanks to one of our customers, Mrs. Johnson.

“Surely you have something more interesting than the goddam newspaper for me to read.  Even a cookbook will do!”  She was sitting with her husband who was happily reading the Sunday Times.  He rolled his eyes and told Sharon that she hates the papers.

“Well there is nothing happy in them, just Zuma, Guptas, Eskom, corruption, rape and pillaging.  Everything to spoil my breakfast”.

Jamie Oliver was apparently better than the papers.

She is so right. I totally agree.  Why spoil a perfectly relaxing day with miserable news.

Sharon went off to the SPCA shop and bought such a great selection of the oddest books – ones you would never buy yourself.  Now you can enjoy a cup of coffee whilst reading fabulous titles like The Baldies Survival Guide, Eat Mangoes Naked, A Million Words and Counting, The Wisdom of Mother Theresa, Design of Shopping Bags and so much more.  Of course, she thought of me too and I will let you read my Cat in Hat, How to Tell if your Cat is Planning to Kill You, Dewey’s Nine Lives, the Cat Whisperer, and a book of wishful thinking “Cat Training is Easy”

Perhaps we should have told Mrs. Johnson about the book clubs, or should I say wine clubs?  Apparently, they go hand-in-hand. It has been said ‘How can you have a good book club without a bottle of wine?’  Listening to these ladies I think it is more like ‘How can you have a decent wine club without a book?’    None of them wants to be the designated driver so they, very cleverly, bring along two husbands. A couple of men are much quieter than a bunch of women so the three of us escape to the garden.  We have lunch (yes, they share with me) and peacefully talk about important issues like The Boks, The Proteas, fishing and the government

On the other hand, the ladies quietly discuss books for about twenty minutes and noisily drink wine for another three hours. At the end of the afternoon the husbands, amidst hugs and giggles, squash them all into their cars and off they go.

And what is better than a good book and a glass of wine?  A cat on your lap of course

‘Til next week, keep feline good

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