She Sold

What a week!  A while ago Sharon told me she was planning to sell Barefoot Kitchen and concentrate on Heat ‘n Eat and Barefoot Life.  Apparently, even though I work every single day with no complaint, she felt she wanted some time off.  Admittedly, I only listened with half an ear, which meant I was a little shocked when Kris was introduced as the new owner of Barefoot Kitchen.  I’m not the only one who is a little uncertain.  Humans and cats are the same, we don’t like change.  The staff are all staying at Barefoot and Kris spent the day talking to them and discussing his plans for the future.  I had a little heart to heart with Sharon.

To be fair, she has given me a choice.  Stay here at Barefoot or go and live with her.  After all, I am the Barefoot Cat, not her personal pet (if you don’t already know my story you can read it here).  My friends are here; chefs, waiters, shop owners and customers.  Kris is happy for me to stay, the chefs will continue to feed me, and my job description won’t change.  The alternative seems a little bleak and very boring.  Her son lives with her but goes to work every day.  She will be out all day, which means I will be alone.  Well, not quite alone, there are 3 dogs and 2 parrots to keep me company.  She has to be kidding………. No daily visitors, stories to listen to and laps to sit on.  And it occurred to me that she will be the only one feeding me and will probably monitor my food intake.  No more gullible waiters who think I’m starving.

The choice was easy, so I left her and wandered off to meet my new partner.

Sharon will still be here for another two weeks and then we will only see her twice a month at the Toastmasters meetings.  We have all spoken to Kris and he’s a good guy. It seems like it might be easier to work for him than Sharon – she can be terribly bossy.

My choice is made, she will miss me…and more than she can imagine.  As the saying goes, ‘Anyone who owns a cat knows that no-one owns a cat’

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