Pig’s Ear

Remove warts and heal boils with this Indigenous Herb

Pig's ear Barefoot LifeThis easy to grow succulent does more than brighten up the garden in winter.

Rubbing a cut leaf onto a wart is super effective, getting rid of it within 4 – 6 days.  Rub the wart every hour or so and the wart will soften and disappear.

Plantar warts, which are hard and flat warts on the soles of the feet, are extremely painful, especially when you put weight on your foot.  Slice a Pig’s ear leaf through the centre, making two large flat pieces. Place a piece, cut side up, onto the foot,  covering the wart.  Hold in place with plaster or a small bandage and leave on as long as possible.  It is easiest when you are sleeping – pop a sock on which will keep everything in place.  Do this for 7-10 days and the wart should disappear.

You use the same method with boils and carbuncles

It is also a useful remedy for earache. Either warm a leaf and squeeze out the juice.  Put 4-5 drops of juice into the ear 3 times a day.  Alternatively, warm a leaf and hold it over the ear to relieve pain, The juice of a leaf also relieves toothache.

Although the Sotho take the leaf for intestinal worms, it is toxic when taken internally, so I recommend you use another remedy such as Wilde Als or pumpkin seed for intestinal parasites

As with most succulents, it is extremely drought resistant and ideal in a water wise garden.  As grows to about half a metre, and is a bit taller when it flowers, it gives some height to a succulent garden.  It is easily propagated by placing a leaf into sandy soil.

Pig’s Ear – Cotyledon orbiculata

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