Nope – It Isn’t Cute….

I have told you about Happy before.  Once upon a time he was my favourite person. If he had a tough day at work, there was Not cutenothing he loved more than me and brushing my coat.  Sometimes I had to sit for an hour while he calmed himself down – but a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do.  Then he found himself a girlfriend.  Well, talk about being given the boot!  The cheek of it.  Suddenly Miss Muffet was the one giving him attention.  She was the one who helped him relax.  Apparently I was a person non-Gratia. My heart was hardened.

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted when Miss Muffet disappeared. After a few days she obviously wasn’t coming back and I planned my strategy.  Cold-shoulder for two days, letting him try and talk me around for another two and finally getting back to our daily routine.  Humans are easy to train and by day six it was done.  Day seven was when the proverbial @#!% hit the fan.  Oh dear god, he walked in, not only with another woman, but carrying a tiny replica of him called Praise.

As with all small things there was the general human consensus of ‘how cute’ .  It took me back to the introduction of The Fruit Loop(Lola).  Apparently she was also cute.  What is wrong with these people?  A noisy miniature that runs around with far too much energy is anything but cute.  I am back on my high perch – forgive the pun as this is the bird-bath!  Sharon will not say a word as she knows how I feel about small noisy things.  Happy usually fills it with water, but he is being super careful around me too.  Fortunately Praise is still scared of me, but we all know how long that lasted with the Fruit Loop, so I am making the most of it whilst I can.

And, Happy is definitely off my Christmas list.

‘Til next week

Sid The Barefoot Cat
Sid The Barefoot Cat

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