No To Cat Bags

I speak for most of cat-kind when I tell you there are certain smells that cats love. Catnip is the obvious one, and there is cat grass, kikuyu and I personally love vanilla. On the other hand, there are smells that we loathe.  Lemon, rosemary, lavender, mint, rue and a whole bunch of others.

Can you imagine my surprise when Sharon told me she had made me cat bags?  I was dozing when she walked in with hands full of little parcels.  Fortunately, I was on my chair. She has a tantrum when I sit anywhere else, so I only use the couches when she is out, or at night when she is sleeping.  Actually, at night is in retaliation for my being banned from her bedroom.  I have only once slept on her bed.  The sun streams in there every morning, so what is a cat to do? Never again.  Talk about banshees.  Something about white bed linen, cat hair and muddy feet.  Wouldn’t the obvious solution be coloured duvet covers?

I digress.  Perhaps she bunked college the day they did cat herbs .  The smells wafted over to me as she pushed the bags under cushions and down the sides of the couches.  I realised she had got it totally wrong.  Lemon hit me first, then lavender and everything else I dislike.  I kept my eyes tightly shut, which worked as she left me to sleep and didn’t disturb me with one of her damn bags.

A week later and our home still smells like a whore-house.  Not that I know what one smells like, but it sounds appropriate. Are her friends and family trying to humour her by uttering ridiculous words like refreshing, wonderful, relaxing and delicious?  Or, as I am beginning to believe, do they have no sense of smell either?  The unfortunate fact is she made these for me. Pretending to love them is impossible.  For her sake I really tried, but I didn’t even last two minutes on the couch

I will close off this week by imploring you – If you love your kitty don’t make these Cat Bags.  Two to three months of cruelty to cats is just not on.  The link is here to remind you of what we DON’T like

Meouws-rably yours



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