Makrut Lime

This fruit is not pretty, but a squeeze is all it takes…..and I promise you will fall in love with it

Makrut lime Barefoot LifeAs citrus trees go, the Makrut lime Citrus hystrix, (better known as the Kafir lime) is probably not the most popular tree in gardens.  The fruit is small, there seem to be more pips than juice, and the tree has the most vicious thorns.  So why would you want to keep it? It smells absolutely heavenly! The leaves are used in many Thai recipes and curries, and the aroma of the fruit is absolutely fabulous!   Just give a fruit a gentle squeeze and the oil oozes out.

Unlike the common, smooth skin lime, Makrut has a very knobbly skin, and the leaf is different to other citrus trees.  It looks as if each one has been cut in half to make a double one.



It can be used to replace lemon in most recipes and is also a great change to that slice of lemon in your water. And, if you love guacamole try it with Makrut lime, you’ll never use lemons again!  Here is a recipe for  Makrut Lime Marmalade which is delicious.  Because the skins are so thick, they are really easy to peel and you can have lovely chunks in your marmalade.

Health benefits of Makrut lime are improving digestion, detoxifying the blood, oral health and an immune booster.  Add a couple of slices to a glass of hot water and drink it.

It makes a great hair rinse , and makes the hair shine and you have a fabulous scent.

If you have had a rough day, or have aching feet, squeeze a few of the limes into a bowl of hot water.  Leave the limes in the bowl and let it cool enough to put your feet in.  Then soak until the water cools down.

Lime insect repellentAnother lovely idea is to cut the limes in half and stick some whole cloves in.  Put them out when you are sitting in the garden, or even on food tables.  The scent of both repels insects.  Squeeze the limes occasionally to release more oils.  This photo is a common lime – I forgot to take one when I used the Makrut, but it is the same method.

It is quite difficult to get hold of a tree, so if you ever see one, buy it or take a cutting.

Makrut Lime – Citrus hystrix

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