Makrut Lime – Just Give Me a Squeeze

This fruit is not pretty, but a squeeze is all it takes…..

As citrus trees go, the Makrut lime (Citrus hystrix), is probably not the most popular.  The fruit is small, there seem to be more pips than juice, and the tree has the most vicious thorns.  So why do I keep it? The smell and the flavour are amazing.  A slice of the fruit in water is so much better than a slice of lemon, and I love cooking with them.

This week I stuffed trout with sliced limes, lime leaves (use young ones), garlic and lemon thyme.  Grated carrots made an ideal bed for the fish to sit on while they poached in a cup of white wine. Covered with foil they took about 20 minutes to cook in an oven set at 200 F.

It can be used to replace lemon in most recipes and is also a great change to that slice of lemon in your water.  Here is a recipe for  Makrut Lime Marmalade which is delicious

Health benefits of Makrut lime are improving digestion, detoxifying the blood, oral health and an immune booster.  You can use it hot water as a Makrut rinse for hair or in a foot bath. Crushing a few leaves is a  good insect repellent.

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