Lovely Lavender Hand Cream

This really is a lovely hand-cream which is so easy to make. Use it on your feet at night-time to soften your feet and help you sleep.

Just a note, lavender creams are naturally greyish-green.  Add some purple food colouring to make it pretty

1 cup lavender flowers and leaves (English Lavender)lavender handcram

1 cup good quality aqueous cream

1 Tbsp Avocado or sweet almond oil

1 Tbsp Wheat germ oil or Honey

Or 1tsp Benzoic acid (preservatives)

Optional: Lavender food colouring

Put the lavender and the aqueous cream in a double boiler over a low heat.  When the aqueous cream has melted simmer for 20 minutes.

Strain and add the Avocado oil plus the preservative that you are using.

Pour into a glass jar and use as often as you can


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