Lola’s Moment of Glory

Well, I promised, so let me give you the full story of the Fruit Loop’s moment of glory.

I was peacefully napping on my chair when I was rudely woken up to shouts of “Sid, Sid, come here.”  No-one in this house ever calls me for food so I knew it wasn’t that, but curiosity got the better of me and I sauntered into the kitchen to see what the racket was about.  Good heavens! The whole family was there armed with brooms, fly-swats, mops and Happy even had a spade.  The Fruit Loop was yapping at the fridge and, for a moment, I thought I was still dreaming.  Not so.  Sharon looked at me and said “Well, catch it Sid”

That is when I realised they considered me one of “THOSE’ cats.  You know, the type that chases rats and mice.  It astounds me.  How long have I lived with them? Have they never noticed I don’t chase anything?  What am I supposed to do with a dead rat?

This promised to be entertaining, and I settled down to watch.  The fridge was pulled out and Lola disappeared.  All we could see  was her tail doing a jig.  Suddenly a rat went flying past her and behind the freezer.  Talk about hilarious – have you ever seen four adults jump at the same time?  The Fruit Loop was beside herself with excitement, bouncing up and down, hopping from one side of the room to the other, yapping and squealing.  The rat appeared again and ran straight towards me. (He obviously knew what kind of cat I am.)  Unfortunately, Lola was right behind, and he veered off to the safety of the fridge.  I could have told him it was a mistake.  What she lacks in brains she certainly makes up for in energy and speed.

Much to her disgust, Alex took the dead rat off her.  He tried to placate her with a piece of meat but she wasn’t impressed.

It doesn’t take much to distract her, and with all the praise and pats, she forgot about her anticipated take-away. Relieved to be off the rat-catching-hook, I even indulged her with a nudge.

Of course, it is a couple of weeks later and she is still reminding us of her brilliance.  If anyone seems to forget, she yaps at the fridge and pretends the rat’s brother is camping there.

There you are.  The Fruit Loop came in useful and we all love her.  Actually, I now love the whole family, even though Happy is off my Christmas list (again) as he said she is a better than cat than I am.

Until next week

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