Life Two

Having nine lives is wonderful, but couldn’t the Creator give us a new body for each one? Waking up to life two, I looked as mangey as when I left the first one.  Weighing less than 1kg with ribs showing, my once marvelous stomach had disappeared and been replaced by hanging folds of skin. And my fur – aargh.    There were so many cuts and sores and clumps of hair missing that I was embarrassed to be seen.  My collar had to be cut off, and my throat was so sore it made eating painful.  Sharon, The Boss, gave me chicken broth.  I’d never had anything like it before, but it was easy to swallow and tasted pretty good.

A week or so later I was feeling much stronger and even managed to walk a few steps.   That’s when I was pushed in a box, loaded into the car and taken for a drive.  Horror of horrors! The sign said VETERINARY CLINIC.  The last time I saw those words I woke up with certain parts missing.  Panic set in when my privates were examined, and I could only breathe again when he said I was a (not quite whole) male and about seven years old.  After forcing something down my throat and giving me an injection, Sharon took me home.  I was too relieved to sulk.

Back at Barefoot Kitchen, I continued my quest to fatten up.  With my throat injury I can’t eat much at a time, and what a blessing that is.  The rule is to only feed me in 2 tablespoon amounts, and happily no-one checks when I had the last meal.  A simple meow brings one of my many staff running to bring food.  I am looking terrific, although some dare to say I am fat, and it has even been suggested that I am pregnant!

Feeling more presentable, I began exploring.  Amazing! Food, drinks and humans – three of my favourite things.  People, called chefs, live in our kitchen and they love to feed people. Waiters are the ones who talk to customers and carry drinks and food.  And then there are my favourites – the customers.  Oh yes, let me not forget my partner, Sharon.  Watching her run around exhausts me. I have no idea what she does, but the place seems to work.  My super-power is to lie around and socialize with our customers. Together we have a great working arrangement.

A garden is such a great place to have a restaurant.  What could be better than sitting outside surrounded by nature, being served delicious food and drinks?  And to make it even better, our neighbours are all super talented and sell the most wonderful stuff in their shops.  Occasionally I take time out from my duties at Barefoot and the ladies always welcome me with cuddles, hugs and nibbles to eat.

Life here is paradise.  Well, almost.  Two pompous, upstart peacocks parade around, testing my patience daily.  I have chased them, hissed at them and ignored them and they are still here.  Beauty definitely out-weighs brains with those two.  More about them in future episodes,

Meow ‘til next week

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