Life Three – She Came Back

Once again, everything is upside-down in my world.  This classifies as a new life, even though I only nearly died of a broken heart .

When Sharon left we were all a little sad, but excited  to carry on working at Barefoot Kitchen.  And it was going well, a couple of hiccups as was expected with a new owner, but the staff were the same, the shop-owners were the same, the customers were the same, even the damn peacocks were the same.  Life was back to normal, and the only change was the brand of cat food which was actually an improvement.

Then she came back.  Well not back to work, just to a Toastmasters meeting.  Sitting quietly with Joy, I didn’t know she was there until she scooped me up to hug me. I was tempted to be aloof and pretend disinterest, but my emotions ran away with me. Good heavens, I even licked her. And then I broke protocol and sat on her lap through the whole meeting – just to catch up you understand.  And when the meeting ended……… she left.

I felt ill for the rest of the day.  Concerned people were asking me what was wrong, and I couldn’t put my paw on it.  Sunday was worse, even my food tasted awful.  The rose bush became my haven, I neglected my customers and let the peacocks eat my Whiskas.   By Monday my stomach thought my throat had been cut.  Eating made me feel a bit better and I pondered on the reason for my mood.  Sharon.  I didn’t think I would, but I miss her.  Admittedly I made the choice to stay here, but a cat can change its mind.  A cat can do anything it wants to.

Ignoring food and hiding under my rose bush was enough to worry Kris.  My plan worked, and on Saturday Sharon arrived to fetch me.  I didn’t even kick up a fuss when she put me in the carry box, although I did avert my eyes when she commented that I still weighed a ton for a cat that hasn’t eaten for a week.  Just because I only wanted to eat when everyone had left is my prerogative, it doesn’t make me deceitful.

Two weeks off hasn’t mellowed her, she is still as bossy as ever.  The dogs were told to leave me alone, and she put me in the vegetable garden to acclimatize.  We agree that locking up a cat for two weeks with a litter box isn’t necessary. Apparently, some cats are dumb enough to want to return to their old homes.  What is wrong with them?  Surely you stay with the humans that you have trained?  However, I didn’t feel up to meeting the dogs so decided to sleep in the shed.

Two days later I realised that the dogs would assume I was weak if I didn’t come out, so I fluffed myself up and marched into the house.  With shoulders back I reminded myself ‘A dog is a dog, a cat is a Purrson”

She lied…..….. It isn’t three dogs. It is two dogs and a bratty puppy.

Oh, Heaven help me!

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