Left Alone

It really irritates me when Sharon goes away.   I simply do not enjoy disruptions to my life.

My normal day goes like this: Sharon wakes up early and the first thing she does is put the kettle on and, while it is boiling, she feeds me.  Not breakfast – think of it as a feline version of tea and a rusk.  Breakfast is a couple of hours later.  I have tinned food and, to be honest, I have no idea what she eats but it probably involves vegetables.  Then I snooze for a while and, before I know it, it is lunch-time.  In the afternoon I wander outside, relax in the garden, maybe snooze a bit more and then, good heavens, it’s dinner time. Sometimes I even get lucky just before bed-time and manage to cadge a bit of cheese or milk.

When she goes away she leaves one of her children or Happy in charge.  None of them get up early.  They also lump me in with the feeding schedule of the dogs.  Breakfast and lunch. Two meals a day??  No snacks??

Her last trip was to the Kruger Park.  Naturally, I ignored her when she walked in but, eventually, I wandered over to see what the Sid Krugerfuss and photos were all about.  Feigning interest, I took a look at the Kruger map book.  Really?  She went all the way to the Kruger to see a cat yawning?  Sometimes I wonder about her sanity.

Obviously there is nothing I can do about her leaving me this time, but I did show her that I am just as impressive as the lion in the picture


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