I Did It!

Yes, I am down to 9.6 kgs which, apparently, is a massive achievement.  It seems that everyone around me thought it wouldn’t happen, but this special diet food is actually only flavoured cardboard, so it really wasn’t that difficult.  Thankfully I was still eating tinned food which enabled me to keep my strength up and Buttons, the tea-cup Yorkie, loved the cardboard.  She is now looking a bit like a tea-pot and I have warned her of the possible consequences.

My current problem, which has seriously affected my triumph, is that Sharon talks to everyone. While I have absolutely no problem with this, it does annoy me when my physique is the topic of conversation.  Apparently her mission is to keep me below 10kg and, according to the ‘expert’ at the pet shop, a new food is the solution. She knows perfectly well, my favourite food is ‘Whiskas’ and, as I was deprived of it during the ‘biggest loser’ challenge, I fully expected her to return from the shops with a bright pink bag of deliciousness.  Instead she proudly showed me a boring white bag with the words ‘for aging cats’ written on it.  What???  In the prime of my life I am reduced to an ‘aging cat’? Oh the indignity!  What happened to distinguished,  noble, respected, mature or even senior?  No. I get aging, as in old, decrepit, ailing, on my last legs, crumbling and falling apart.  At her insistence I tasted it and I now know exactly why older cats look like they do.

That was a week ago, and I went on a strike that even Numsa would be proud of.  I am happy to report that she went shopping today and guess what she came back with?

Today I am very happy cat!

Sid The Barefoot Cat
Sid The Barefoot Cat

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