Covid Crazies

Yes, I am back.  Sharon is being a dragon and insisted I get myself into gear. Admittedly, I agreed to earn my keep by writing a weekly column and it has been months since I put paw to paper.  Covid 19 jumped to mind as an excuse but, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the lock-down, it would be a falsehood.

I have so much to tell you. Lola is still a brat, although we have called a truce.  I even broke down and played with her a few times.  Unfortunately, the games were caught on camera and no doubt this will be used as evidence against me at some time in the future.

Sharon’s daughter worked throughout the lock-down and Pips, Sharon’s grand-daughter, spent her days with us.  On-line schooling is the most wonderful invention. She had to sit still for hours in front of a computer which meant I could snuggle up on her lap.  There were some terribly cold days which required blankets and, obviously, even more snuggling.  Two weeks ago she went back to real school – thankfully it has warmed up.

Tinker has been a blessing at night. A veritable electric blanket who also likes to sleep late.  Amazingly, she is the only one of us Sid and Rileywho has been in serious trouble with Sharon during the past few months.  I will tell you the story another time, but suffice to say, Tinker had a bad case of the Covid Crazies.

Sharon has spent hours in the garden.  Personally, I believe she should be growing tobacco or pineapples rather than vegetables.  ND-Z, possibly the most hated person in SA right now, has created so many opportunities for development of illegal small businesses.  Did you  know there were so many distillers and home brewers in your neighbourhood? And have you met some new friends during the clandestine collections? Of course, ND-Z has turned many people into crooks.  Even our own 80-year-old Nana is spending her pension on illegal goods.

Life is really upside-down these days, and I suppose we can take comfort in the fact that is is the whole world…not just us here in Sunny South Africa!

Well, that is enough for one day.  I’m off to find someone to feed me,

It’s meouwvellous to be back

P.S.  If we have only just met and you would love to know more about me, read here


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