Ha Ha, Flipping Ha

Ok, I admit it, I was had. I was so tempted to tell you that my plan was to entertain you. However, I’ll be the bigger cat and allow you a chuckle. I hope I made your day.
What was worse? Being conned by Sharon or Lola smugly pointing it out? Here was I, thinking Sharon was trying to be kind, popping cat-bags on the couches, and telling me they were for ME. To find out they were actually ANTI-ME was insulting to say the least.
Lola pulled one out and dropped it by my food bowl. Thinking she had lost it (has she ever found it?), I inquired as to her lack of smell. Admittedly I was sarcastic, which is not unusual when I converse with her. She started her ridiculous yapping and bouncing up and down – a clear indication that she was excited – and told me of Sharon’s evil plan. One look at the old ladies, Tinker and Miley, confirmed it.

Stalking out of the kitchen, head held high, I fought with my emotions. Embarrassed, humiliated, offended, heart-broken (not really, but she may read this) and finally vindictive. Retaliation was the next step.

Sadly, it’s a week later, and I haven’t thought of anything.  Obviously, she has been rewarded with the cold shoulder– which has made no difference – she told me not to sulk.  I even slept in a box, to make my miseryknown.  She laughed

Fortunately, Lola has the concentration span of a flea and seems to have forgotten the incident. I, however, have not. Sharon needs to be reminded; cats were once worshipped. It’s such a pity the Ancient Egyptians are no longer around.
Until next time,

Sid The Barefoot Cat

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