Green Liquid Fertilizer

Comfrey fertlizer Barefoot HerbsI love this fertilizer as it is so simple to make and can be used on all plants.  Bonsai’s love it and I spray my orchids with it occasionally – basically when I remember!   Comfrey produces so many leaves and can be harvested at least 3 times a year, so this is always my go-to fertilizer.  However, if I have an abundance of other herbs, I add those too.  Some of the good ones are nettles, yarrow, plantain and dandelion.




Here is the recipe;

Fill a bucket with fresh, roughly chopped comfrey leaves. Pour boiling water over the leaves to wilt them.

Top up the bucket with cold water and cover loosely.  A black plastic rubbish bag is ideal. Do not use a tightly fitting lid as the gases that form will cause it to explode.

As it matures, it will start to stink, so keep it away from the house.

After 4 weeks strain into bottles.

To use dilute 1 cup in 10 litres water.

To store, pour the undiluted liquid into bottles, seal and keep in a dark place.

I recently picked up an old bucket which has a tap on it.  It is perfect for storage and easy to decant into a watering can when I need it.

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