People, Products and Places

These are some of my favourite products, wonderful people and fabulous ideas

A Jelly Air Plant
How gorgeous is this? An airplant in a shell

How gorgeous is this?  An airplant in a shell


Love it!

Tania from Men in Green

Tania is the owner of Men in Green, and the Queen of succulents!

I have no idea which fern this is, but what a beautiful close-up


Let’s all be Nelipots

Chips with herb oil

A new favourite – chips with herb oil

A scarecrow says “happy” with no words needed

Drying tomatoes in Italy

I saw this in a small village in Italy.  Why limit the clothes-rack to clothes?


Some see a weed, some see a wish

I love this

Simplicity can be beautiful

A novel idea for up-cycling those garden boots!

Sid. My favourite cat in his favourite spot

Blue shoes

Isn’t this cute?  Perfect for those shoes that didn’t feel quite so tight when you bought them!

Lavender bags can be made with any material – who said they have to be purple?

Add a few leaves and turn your drink into a masterpiece