A Cream for Excema and Other Skin Ailments

Calendula heals inflammation, chickweed stops the itching and comfrey closes the wound by increasing cell growth.This cream can be used for any type of skin ailment, not just eczema
1 cup chopped comfrey leaves
1 cup calendula flowers
1 cup chickweed leaves
2 cups aqueous cream
2 Tbsp Honey
Place leaves and aqueous cream in a double boiler.
When the water is boiling turn down to a simmer.
As the aqueous cream melts, stir into the leaves and cover.
Once all of the cream is melted, cover with a lid and ‘cook’ for 30 minutes.
Strain while still hot.First through a fine sieve and then through muslin cloth.
Add the honey and stir well.
Pour into clean glass jars and label.
Apply frequently

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