Do You Speak Cat?

In South Africa we have an impressive 11 official languages.  Most people can speak at least two and know a smattering of some of the other.  Humans speaking ‘cat’ are somewhat the same, although most people only know the smattering.  Come on cat owners.  How many words and phrases does your cat know?

Sharon is totally facetious.   She tells people that I only know ‘feed me please’, ‘ feed me now’, ‘what is taking so long?’, ‘feed me quickly’, and the one she really hates, ‘Pleeeaasee  feed me, I’m about to collapse I’m so hungry’.  Actually, I have given that one up as she doesn’t feel sorry for my plight.  She passes some snide comment about my considerable girth, ignores my plea and walks away.  I then need to wait at least half an hour before I dare to speak to her again.

Our grand-daughter is far more fluent.  She understands requests for attention, scratching me in the right place, move up a bit, thank you for cuddling me, I need brushing, please will you sort out the Fruit Loop and several others.

So, cat owners, what is the number?   According to Google (which is always right) there are nearly 100.  I would have thought more, but I am not about to sit and count the ones I know, so will take Google’s word for it.

This Saturday is Love Your Pet Day.  Obviously, you should love your pet every day, but this is a special one where you have to spend more time with us.  Unlike your Valentine, this won’t cost you a cent. We just want the love and food and not necessarily in that order.  Cat owners, this is your chance.  See how many sounds your cat makes.  Dog owners you can do the same, but the number will be a lot lower.  In fact, if you can count to 20 you will be ok.

I’d love to hear what your number is……maybe I’ll even give a prize to the one who hears the most.

Have a great week and remember Saturday is a Special Day

Sid The Barefoot Cat
Sid The Barefoot Cat

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