Dandelion Infused Oil

When dandelions seem to be taking over your garden, collect the flowers and make this useful oil.  It is a good addition to your herbal first aid box and great on salads too!

Dandelion Infused Oil

A great oil to keep in your herbal first aid box. Massage into sore joints and sprains to ease the pain. Rub into the temples to ease stress. And if you don't want it for medicine, why not use it for salads or cooking?
Prep Time10 mins
Standing Time14 d


  • Glass jar
  • muslin cloth, cheese-cloth or other loose weave material for lid
  • Rubber band
  • Label
  • Dark bottle for finished oil


  • Dandelion flowers to fill the jar
  • Oil - any cold-pressed oil will work. e.g. oilive, sweet almond, grapeseed etc


  • Fill the jar with the dandelion flowers
  • Cover the flowers completely with oil
  • Push the flowers down with a knife or similar utensil, making sure there are no air bubbles.
  • Top up with oil making sure all flowers are covered
  • Close the jar with the cheese-cloth and fix it in place with the rubber band
  • Label the jar with name and date. I put the date that the oil is ready rather than trying to work it out every-time I look at it
  • Leave for two weeks in a sunny spot. Not direct sunlight, but a bright area
  • Strain the oil and discard the flowers
  • Pour into your dark, sterilised bottle and label

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