A pretty little herb that is safe for children and is an amazing blood purifier.

Have you ever made a daisy chain or, as a child, picked off the petals one by one with a hopeful ‘he loves me he loves me not?’  Sometimes dismissed as a common, even boring flower, they are really quite special.

It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes every daisy separately, but has never gotten tired of making them”  G. K. Chesterton

Bellis perennisIn South Africa they are a winter flower, but I grow them in the shade of a coral tree and they often last until October. Although in cooler climates they are perennials, I find the heat kills them off during summer but, happily, they self-seed and pop up again in autumn.

Medicinal Uses

The whole plant can be used as a blood purifier, making it a good remedy for arthritis, liver and kidney disorders and other inflammatory ailments.  It has a reputation for being especially useful for delicate and listless children and, as there are no know cautions for this herb, it would be ideal for a tisane to drink throughout the day for both children and adults who are feeling under the weather.  Coughs and excess mucus are treated with an infusion or syrup, and externally it is used for aches and pains and varicose veins.


Bellis perennis a medicianl herb

Culinary Uses

It is lovely to use in food and the flowers add a sweetish flavour to salads. It is surprisingly delicious in a tomato sandwich, and can be added to soups just before serving, as an unusual flavouring.

If you enjoy tabbouleh, try this recipe for  Daisy Tabbouleh which is a real splash of sunshine on a cold day!  I love to make a meal with a salad, soup, and a slice of bread.  This tabbouleh was served with Egyptian Red Lentil Soup and naan bread (not really authentic, but it is what I had)

The flower buds can be pickled.

Daisy  – Bellis perennis

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