Say goodbye to itchy skin with this magical little herb. And it’s a great tonic too.

“…….in a word, it comforteth, digesteth and suppurateth very notably

John Gerard, 1597

Chickweed has traveled with man for centuries and is one of the most common weeds around.  As spring approaches, you are probably cursing this bright green plant which pops up everywhere and seems to double in size overnight.  As the roots are very shallow it is easy to pull up but, before you throw it on the compost, let me tell you what else you can do with it.

Chickweed was traditionally harvested as a vegetable and, although it loses some flavour when cooked, it is perfect for salads and has the added benefit of being a tonic herb.  Birds love it, and your chickens, parrots or any other domestic birds will appreciate the treat.

I use it in skin remedies, as it is one of the best herbs to stop itching.  It is perfect in my Cream for Eczema , which is equal parts chickweed to stop itching, calendula for the inflammation and any infection, and comfrey to heal the skin.  If the itching is really bad, make a strong infusion and use it as a compress.  Another useful remedy is a cold pressed chickweed oil which can be used in place of a cream.  Oil can sometimes irritate the skin more, so test a small area first.

Taken as a tea it helps relieve bronchitis, urinary tract infections and rheumatism.

Chickweed – Stellaria media

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