Catnip Barefoot Herbs

Not just for cats. If you have a cat, growing catnip can be a challenge, and the best way to grow it is in a hanging basket or anywhere else that kitty can’t destroy it. If you don’t have a cat, it is an easy herb to grow, and needs very little care. It is […]

The Best Butternut Tagine

Thick vegetable stews are one of the best things to eat when it is a bit cold.   This tagine is also good made with sweet potato. Serve with couscous or rice A tagine is an earthenware pot with a conical top used for cooking wonderful fragrant stews from North African countries such as Morocco. […]

Split Pea Soup – Vegetarian Version

Split pea soup. Vegetarian. Barefoot Life

I have eaten quite a bit of split pea soup.  Growing up, it was one of the dishes my dad made and, when I married a German, it became a soup I regularly made for the family. But that was when I still ate meat. A vegetarian version is a bit more difficult. A smoked […]

Daisy Tabbouleh

Daisy tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is a well know salad, and adding some fresh daisies to it makes it pretty and a fresh flavour. A beautiful salad to liven up any meal.  It is also lovely as a lunch, and I like to add some grilled haloumi cheese on the side for a quick supper.  It keeps in the […]


Bellis perennis

A pretty little herb that is safe for children and is an amazing blood purifier. Have you ever made a daisy chain or, as a child, picked off the petals one by one with a hopeful ‘he loves me he loves me not?’  Sometimes dismissed as a common, even boring flower, they are really quite […]

Infusion, Tea or Tisane?

Tea, infusion, tisane?  Is there a difference?  Well actually – yes.  Let’s start with tea, as this is the most commonly used name for drinks made with leaves and hot water. Tea is a beverage made from the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis)  which is the regular ‘5 Roses’ type of brew.  Although […]

Syrup of Violets for Coughs & Sore Throats

Sweet violet syrup Barefoot Herbs

Sweet Violets are a welcome sight when they come into full bloom.  Although they flower all year, the vibrant carpet of purple when they flower en masse, is only in Spring.  The flowers and root are used, and you do need patience to pick the flowers.  Take a couple of hours off from your busy […]

Sweet Violet Jam

Sweet violelt jam

Sweet Violets have the most glorious colour and this jam shows it off beautifully.  Be warned, the petals weigh next to nothing, so it takes a while to collect them.    Read more about this pretty herb here Other recipes using Sweet Violet Love Liqueur,  Sweet Violet Cough Syrup, Violet Flowers, Vibrant Violet Vinegar   […]

Sweet Violets

Sweet violets Barefoot Herbs

Kid’s have a cough?  Make a syrup with this delicate herb that is safe for children. “Violets smell like burnt sugar cubes that have been dipped in lemon and velvet.”  Diane Ackerman Doesn’t this conjure such a delicious picture?  That caramelly smell tinged with lemon on a bed of (it has to be) purple velvet. […]

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