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Women and Raised Eyebrows

raised eyebrows

Several children have told me that their moms have eyes in the back of their heads.  Although I have witnessed women’s uncanny ability to know exactly what is going on, and who the guilty party is, I have not found any evidence of actual eyes.  (and I frequently sit on the couch behind women).  However, […]

Baked Brinjal and Tomato Polenta

This year I only planted 4 brinjals as they produce so much fruit it becomes difficult to use it all. I found this recipe on the Taste website, made it exactly per the recipe the first time, and then tweeked it a bit when I made it again.  I also froze half of the second […]

Herb and Cheese Bread

Cheese herb bread

I love bread and, if I have lots of time on my hands, I will happily make a loaf  that involves kneading, proving, more kneading, more proving and at least 3 hours before it can be eaten.  As that doesn’t happen too often I have a few recipes which are quick and easy and can […]

Comfrey – For the Over-Much Use of Women


‘……given to drinke against the paine of the backe, gtten by violent motion as wrestling or overmuch use of women ………’ John Gerard, 1597 I love my comfrey plants.I have three, one in each vegetable garden and one in a flower bed.It wasn’t actually planted there but dropping a piece of root invariably means you […]

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