Anti Cat Bags

As much as I love Sid, he does lose a lot of hair and getting it off clothes is virtually impossible.

Anti cat bagsCats dislike certain smells so make up some of these bags and push them under the cushions.  As well as deterring kitty they make your furniture smell good.  They will last 2 – 3 months before you need to replace them.  If there is a herb you don’t like, simply leave it out.  Other scents they dislike are cinnamon, marjoram, sage, lemon grass and dill.  They hate Rue, but you don’t want that smell either.  Rue is a wonderful deterrent if you have unwanted cats coming into your garden.  Plant it against the fence where they tend to come in

I usually make them with squares of muslin and tie them up with a bit of string, but you could also make them into pretty bags like those you would make for lavender.

2 Tbsp Grated lemon rind – fresh

A handful of lemon verbena leaves – fresh

2 Tbsp dried mint

2 Tbsp rosemary – fresh or dried

2 Tbsp lavender

2 Tbsp eucalyptus leaves

Muslin cloth, cotton squares or rounds big enough to hold 2 tsp of herb.


Mix the herbs together and tie into small bags.


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