Social Media – Here I Come!

What a month!  Sharon has been battling along with technology, muttering, getting grumpy and drinking copious amounts of tea and wine.  I, on the other hand, now have a Tik Tok account (ridiculous name, but who am I to judge?), an Instagram account and my own email address.  Rather than try and follow instructions, which appear to be written in Ancient Greek, I did the sensible thing and employed the services of an 11 year old.  More specifically, our granddaughter. Sid Barefoot Cat

She is absolutely marvelous.  Obviously, she knows me well, adores me and is purrfectly aware that I object to exerting myself, have no intention of performing tricks and there are certain places and actions that I do not want caught on camera.  Imagine Sharon having proof that I slept on her bed, played with bratty Lola or chased Tinker off her cushion.  Fur would fly and I happen to like my ginger locks.

Having those locks brushed  is something I can endure daily.  Happy used to do this at least three times a week.  Now he gets home late, has a girlfriend and I have been put on the back burner.  Fortunately, cats are excellent at domesticating humans and, as Pips wants me to do more than simply lie around looking fabulous, I have trained her to get the brush out if she wants any action.

Lola, the Fruit Loop, continues to be a problem.  Determined to also be a film star she tries to get into every shot which is a catastrophe.  Sitting remains an impossibility for her, so poor Pips gets a glimpse of her back-end in many of the shots.  Thank goodness for digital photography and computer programmes that can erase her – even if it is only in photos.

In support of my future ambitions, Alex was good enough to take this amazing picture, and didn’t he do well? I look absolutely fabulous!  Stylish,mysterious and handsome.

So, life as an ‘up and coming’  is pawsome and I can’t wait  to be the full-on celebrity that I was surely destined to become.

Watch this space

Sid The Barefoot Cat

You can Catch me on Tiktok ‘thebarefoot_cat’ ; Instagram ‘thebarefoot_cat’ or simply email me


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