Gather Your Seed

The world-wide crisis of Covid 19 has made many people realise the importance of being more self sufficient.  We can stock up on pasta, rice, tinned and frozen goods, but what about our veggies?  If you are self isolating what do you do?  There isn’t  a lot of fresh produce that will keep for 21 days in your fridge, especially if it’s organic. Most vegetables are easy to grow and you can get a reasonable harvest even if you only have pots.

It’s Too Late Now

If we only have a 21 day lock down, you are right, it will be too late to eat your harvest unless you have radish (20 days) or Coriander (15-20 days). But this challenge is about making a start on your future garden and showing you that you can grow some of your vegetables and salads.  Did you plant beans at school?  Were you thrilled when they grew?  Did you ever eat the beans from the plant?  I planted one. I was so proud when it grew but I honestly don’t know what happened to the plant once I took it home.  It is Autumn in South Africa, so it is late to plant beans, tomatoes, peppers and others.  However, if that’s all you’ve got, plant it anyway.  Be proud when it shoots and grows into a plant.  If you can do it once, you can do it again.

But What Can I Plant?

Some of you will already have seed.  Perhaps you thought of growing veggies in the past.  Remember the Little Garden promotion from Checkers?  Were you one of the many people who was so inspired that you dashed out and bought packets of seed? Nothing? Well lets take a look in your food cupboard.

These are items from mine.  Lentils, beans, mustard seed, mung beans, quinoa, fennel, coriander seed and popcorn.  They are all seeds and they will all grow.

Or what about fresh produce?  Peppers, tomatoes, chilies, brinjals, avocado, butternut, ginger, lemons, apples etc.

Raid the parrot or hamster food!






So you see, unless you were planning on living on two minutes noodles and baked beans for the lock-down, you will be able to find something to plant!

Day one of the challenge – gather your seed

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