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I DREAM of returning to a totally natural, chemical free, life. Growing all of my own vegetables, cooking delicious food and preserves,  preparing my own medicines and maybe even keeping chickens and bees.

Yes, RETURNING to a natural lifestyle.  For years this was my life. I studied herbal medicine, taught courses and workshops, made medicines, and had herb and vegetable gardens, chickens and bees.  However,  my divorce left me as the sole breadwinner for my family and a return to a more ‘main-stream’ business was necessary.

My  REALITY is that I still work, I buy food and basic medicines and often have a scrambled egg for supper – and it hasn’t come from one of my hens.

I am slowly changing that.  I now have vegetable gardens, I’m making herbal remedies, preserving fruit and vegetables, and cooking my own produce on most days.  Time is my biggest challenge, but going into the garden after work is far more relaxing than sitting in front of the TV.

 Can you relate to this?  Then I invite you to kick off your shoes and join me.

The best place to start a natural lifestyle is in the garden…….preferably barefoot



And I am Sid, the Barefoot Cat. My DREAM is to be an only child with an abundance of food. In REALITY I have others to contend with and I’m frequently put on a diet.

I earn my keep writing an amazing  column  which has very little valuable information, but  will entertain you with stories, news and my views on life.

You will find I’m a purrfect distraction to your day


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